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From Norwich to Tlemcen

The Algerian Ministry of Education and the British Council have worked together these last years to raise standards in education and develop teaching and learning skills through different training programmes for middle school inspectors, teacher-trainers and teachers.

In Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE), a forty-hour intensive course which was designed for the fourth group of twenty two inspectors was successfully facilitated by Johanna Stirling, Carole Robinson and Alan Pulverness. The course focused on two main areas of professional practice: classroom-observation and continuing professional development (CPD).

As a follow-up to Norwich training, a five-day training course was organized in Blida, Algeria in September 2013. With the partnership of the British Council, the sponsorship of Anadarko and the involvement of the three consultants, Alan Pulverness, Claire Ross and Phil Silverster, the Blida inspector general assembly proved a complete success.

The inspector’s  general assembly of Blida was given a great importance as Mr Abbasi, Mrs Younsi and Mr Lebssir from the Ministry of National Education;  Mr Martyn Robert, the ambassador of Great Britain in Algeria, Mr Martin Daltry, the British Council Director and Mrs Diedre Nocholas, the project manager encouraged this kind of training that supports Algerian inspectors in their professional practices.

During this training, I appreciated the flexibility of the consultants in the sense that they coped with the suggestions of the two senior inspectors Kamel Babouche and myself in the planning meeting. The committed Task Force members, on the other hand, played a very important role when synthesizing the daily groups’ products, presenting the outcomes in the plenary sessions and informing the consultants and the two senior inspectors about any other suggestions that emerged from their colleagues.

In a very short span of time, the consultants could give high quality presentations on the two additional topics that are ‘Assessment for Learning ‘and ‘Techniques for Remedial Work’.

7The participation of the inspectors was very positive and constructive as they experienced the transition between Blida and Norwich training and received a programme that responds to their needs.

8Their recommendations, however, focused on the following (a-h) points:

  1. To promote reflective practices in future training,
  2. To promote training on ‘Assessment for Learning’,
  3. To improve inspectors’ effectiveness in assessing the quality of teaching and learning,
  4. To promote Listening and Speaking Skills,
  5. To specify clearly  the Task Force role,
  6. To provide special training and support for the Task Force members,
  7. To give more clarification for the teacher-trainer role profile and new job description/ requirements,
  8.  To provide more training and support for the new team: inspector and the two teacher-trainer.

From the 23th to 25th of November, 2013, I had the privilege to work with Alan Pulverness, Jean Wilson, Dierdre Nicholas, the British Council Project Director and Nora Menia a teacher-trainer coordinator on the scoping mission in Oran province. The same scoping mission took place in Ouargla and Batna where two lessons observation in two different schools, face to face interviews with the two high school inspectors and a meeting with 16 teachers from different secondary schools were organized. Through their observation, interviews and questionnaires, the two experts collected data on the syllabus, textbooks, evaluation, training etc…  I presume they will analyze the state of teaching and learning of English in Algeria, sort out the learners’, teachers’ and inspectors’ needs. This will certainly help them make future plans for future training programmes for high school teachers, inspectors and learners at all levels.

From the 8th to 12th of December, 2013, and in the light of the recommendations of the Ministry of National Education and Blida Task Force members, the Inspector and Teacher-Trainer Training (ITTT) of Tlemcen came as a responsive training programme. (The same training took place in Ghardaia, Sétif and Boumèrdes). The regional training of Tlemcen gathered twenty-one inspectors and   forty-two teacher-trainers. (Two teacher-trainers per inspector) The training, conducted by the passionately committed facilitators Alan Pulverness and Phil Silvestre focused on the speaking and writing skills, differentiation and teacher-trainer development, including designing and delivering workshops as well as inspector and teacher-trainer collaboration.

The Tlemcen Assembly was efficacious thanks to the excellent work of the two facilitators, the engagement of all the participants, the commitment of the commission members with whom I  met every evening for reviewing and writing in summary form all what had been done in the two groups and the very positive contribution of the education local authority with all the resources, facilities, the Internet and a cultural excursion.

The cultural excursion to the caves of Beni-Add- 10Km east of Tlemcen city was amazing. It is a mythical, magic and natural wonder. Words can be poor to express my admiration to this site. It was worth a visit! Then, we drove to another wonderful historical site: The tomb of Sidi Boumediene is impressive. When you are there, you just have a strange feeling! A feeling you cannot describe, you cannot explain! The beauty of the site, the magnificent views over the plain, the fabulous history of the different events recounted by the guide, the massive bronze doors, the finely decorated mosque, the old castle… make you live in another era. An era of great people who made the history of Algeria.

This excursion raised the participants’ motivation and gave them more energy to carry on the next day programme with great enthusiasm and dynamism.

In the evening of December11th -a great day in Algeria- some participants, including Alan and Phil  went to the striking ‘Palais de la Culture’ where we attended an emotional and moving opera by ‘le Ballet National’. The opera entitled ‘Algerie, ma Liberté’ related the event of Dec 11th, 1960 in an artistic way. The talented young Algerian artists were amazing on the stage. It is a high quality mix of drama, music, dance and opera. It is a masterpiece produced by Fatima Zohra Senouci who received warm congratulations from the audience at the end of the fascinating show.

On Thursday, December 12th, 2013 I witnessed nothing but only satisfaction from the facilitators, positive attitudes and constructive feedback from the participants. I was also impressed by their eagerness to learn and willingness to develop professionally. I must admit that they have all demonstrated a great desire to move further for future training programmes and a continuing professional development. 

May the Ministry of National Education in partnership with the British Council have ongoing training so that the development of the national programme of the educational reform achieves its assigned objectives. And…


may WE have a successful 2014 year with outstanding achievements!

M. Louznadji

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First and foremost, happy New Year to you and [email protected] team. You are doing such a good job.You have such a sense of responsibility in informing everyone about the implications of Blida's meeting .I was confident that you wouldn't give up, but  carry on the project of helping both inspectors and teachers in their missions , for the benefit of the Algerian learners.
All the best to the team.
Ms. Mekaoui
IME, Algiers.

First, Happy New year 2014 ...Then,I wanted to say a big thanks for you Mr Louznadji and thank you so much for all your time and effort that you put to make the  Tlemcen Assembly more efficacious,really we got more benefits from the workshops we had with Mr Allen and Mr Phil whom I extend my thanks and gratitude .
Mr M Messeguem 

I am so impressed by the great job you are doing  ! You are really making great efforts to help the English staff in Algeria : inspectors , teachers and learners . You are wonderful Mr. Louznadji ! May Allah help you in your projects and keep you for us , for your family and for Algeria !!!
I wish you many happy returns !
Mr.Abdelkader KESSOULA
Teacher Trainer; Chlef

Greetings one and all,

Thank you for the exhaustive informative thought-provoking reporting that took me to the UK and back to Algeria and made me feel still part of the system, albeit from a distance.

May this new year overflow with happiness, good health, peace, prosperity, serenity, more successes in our respective fields and good governance worthy of our beloved country.

Much love.

Kemal E. S. Bereksi
Retired INE, Oran
Sibawaih Director of Studies

I am so pleased to have been a small part of what is becoming a very impressive national training programme in Algerian Middle schools. 

After three visits to Algeria in 2012-13, I have 'seen' so much that demonstrates the commitment, high aspirations and determination of the Algerian Inspectors and teacher-trainers.

I cannot wait to share in your further success in 2014 and beyond!
Good luck

Phil Silvester CBE

Thank you for the news. I would be grateful if colleauges  (inspectors and teachers could share with us materials provided by the British experts during Blida and Tlemcen assemblies. ( documents, CD-ROMs and videos) This will help us in our teaching. I believe when you share with others, your mission will be actually accomplished.
May God reward you for the great job you are doing!

Razi H

What a wonderful and rich experience, I must thank you sir for sharing with us this great experience , it is evident that collaboration of different parts give good results, however, your great skills and know how must have done miracles. 

Thank you so much for all what you are doing for education in Algeria, We are proud and lucky your are our inspector

May Allah bless you, and happy new year!
Nacéra Sahraoui

Dear All,

           Once I was watching a movie and while I was watching, a character said, "The one, who possesses another language, possesses another spirit." Actually, the movie was in French language, so the saying is a translation. I think this makes of me a man with two new spirits since I can handle both of French and English. Considering the saying, I'd like to thank and express my gratitude to my teachers, the teachers, the inspectors and the British Council members for making of our children and us, people with new spirits. Happy new year to all the British Council Family. May peace and mercy reign world-wide?

 Mr. Othmane El-riat 

teacher trainer