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My Global Family in Qatar

Just Remember

The 20th Annual iEARN International Conference and the 17th Youth Summit held in Doha- Qatar from July 1st to July 5th 2013 was amazing.

I feel privileged to have participated in such a meeting and to look forward to sharing at least a couple of pearls and memories from the world of knowledge and friendship with the readers of [email protected] website and iEARN community.

At the beginning of the PBL workshops, I was greeted by people who made me feel like we were old friends. I was immediately impressed by the warmth and gentleness of iEARN staff including Jennifer, Deena and Mandee, and the 32 educators from the Middle East, North Africa and the USA who attended the master trainer workshop facilitated by the Buck Institute of Education (BIE) from June 28th to June 30th


Right from the beginning, I was impressed by the opening speeches delivered by renowned people including Essa AL Mannai, Rota executive director and the number of international speakers, Dr Essam Heggy, Dr Mohamed Ally and Dr Judy Harris, to name but a few. The video conference of Peter Copen, the founder of iEARN, was fascinating mainly when he wanted the gathering to work collaboratively and reflect on the question: ‘What shift would you make in your iEARN project if you knew you would not fail?’ And I deeply appreciate his principles of getting distant classrooms learn together via technology and grow together for a better world…  

I was amazed by the variety of topics and the number of countries represented. The annual conference and youth summit brought together more than 700 educators and students from 50 countries.

I still remember the positive feedback after the conference I gave jointly with  Ms. Kheira Mezough, the ELT@lgeria webmaster and the [email protected] coordinator. The title of the conference was ‘The PBL from Classroom to TPD to Global   Learning Environment’. 

We ended our conference with a remarkable clip produced by students of Hai Zitoun High School in Oran. The song entitles’ It’s a New Day’ was wonderfully performed by Kenza, the sweet voice and Zakaria, the guitarist.

I still remember the questions asked by the participants about the teacher project pedagogy (TPP), an initiative experimented in Oran- Algeria. This approach gives the opportunity to teachers from the same school to prepare their own project and experience all the steps the students go through when developing their collaborative project. When reflecting on this initiative, Rebecca M. Hodges said, ‘teachers cannot teach what they do not know.’ Then we continued the discussion with Rebecca and Katherine to whom we offered the two pottery made lions (Wihran) produced by a student from iEARN-Algeria community.


After busy days at the QNCC, I still remember our first visit to the ‘Souk’ by night and the dinner we had at an Iraqi restaurant. We really enjoyed being together. When taking the bus from the ‘Souk’ to Holiday Villa Hotel, I had a strange feeling; I did not see any borders and boundary lines, but only smiling faces who shared a common passion. All these people came together peacefully and wanted to live as ONE village, challenging the precepts of religions, cultures and languages that have divided the world for long.

I still remember during a coffee break Renee Noelle Day trying to learn how to articulate some Arabic sounds that do not exist in the English language. Hiba from Syria gave her some useful Arabic words that she wrote in her notebook. Then I just remember the difficult moments Renee had after the accident and how all the group supported her.

To the people who have touched my heart, I became aware of how truly special young Ahmed had been. I considered him as my iEARN-son as he called me DAD. I just want you (Ahmed) to remember the sincere conversations we had about the story of the apple, your love for your father as well as for your country. My iEARN-daughter is undoubtedly Sairan whose spontaneity and kindheartedness made her have a special place in my heart. I just want her to remember the story of her cultural costume as well to care of her precious properties!  

My memory does not permit to recall every detail and every occurrence, but Abdeljallal, Ahmed, Amanda, Basma, David, Deena, Ed, Eliane, Hassan, Héla, Hiba, Jamel, Jennifer, Kaplana, Karen, Kate, Kathy, Lubna, Noor, Renee, Sairan, Samah, Shaimaa, Sherif and  Yasser, to name but a few  made my new experience amazing.

I still remember the sympathetic and easygoing Kathy to whom I say, ‘the storm cannot be an obstacle for you, but rather a sign of rapid changes ahead. Your ability and strength withstand whatever comes.’ ‘Just remember Kathy, after the storm, there is the rainbow.’

I still remember the fascinating conversations I had with Ed Gragert and David Potter about the future participation of iEARN-Algeria and many other iEARN issues. I appreciated the interest of David when trying to get more ideas about Ramadan. 


I also remember the charming conversation I had with Ms. Yoko Takagi from Japan. I was really impressed by the work done by this energetic and engaged woman both with Japanese students and world iEARNers. I was overwhelmed by her wisdom and philosophy about iEARN. I was even astonished by her excellent knowledge about Algeria.


I can’t stop thinking of the social evening meetings we had at the 11th floor of Holiday Villa Hotel. The tight group met there to exchange ideas, to know more about each other, to listen to music and to play games. I still look back my memory the day I offered Algerian dates stuffed with almond paste coloured green, white and red ( Algerian flag) made by my co-worker. I was very pleased to explain the meaning of each colour. Jennifer with no hesitation said, ‘I take HOPE (green date).’ Lubna replied, ‘I prefer PEACE (white date).’ 

The most memorable moment was during the closing ceremony on July 5th in the Theatre where ROTA Executive Director Mr. Essa Al Mannai announced in his speech, ‘… today ladies and gentlemen is the anniversary of the independence day of Algeria.’ Imagine my feelings at that moment and mainly when you see the Algerian teacher raising the country flag, hear shouts of congratulations and a big round of applause from 700 participants. I was deeply moved for I was not expecting such an announcement. I offer my sincere thanks both to Mr Essa Al Mannai and iEARN-Qatar team for such a beautiful gift.


After that touching speech, I enjoyed the cultural night where the participants were beautifully dressed showing their tradition and culture. Students on the stage had the opportunity to showcase their potentials and artistic skills. Their exhibitions, documentaries, clips, songs and dances were remarkable. Those moments of joy and cheerfulness were mixed with sadness and unhappiness. I remember standing up in the Conference Hall with the finest people I have ever met in my life with tears running down some faces. Noor told me with pains in her chest, ‘I feel sad.’ In fact the 7oo participants were sad. They all made new friendships or deepened the ones they had developed. They came to have greater connection to the world in a short span of time. This is why we were all sad.

Though sad goodbyes, always remember that times passed, but memories will last. We are now miles apart, but my heart is close to each one of you. My feelings for iEARN community will grow more and more when hearing from you. You are my GLOBAL FAMILY.

Last but not least, how quickly good time flies and how much you miss something once it has gone!

I miss you ALL.

Just remember.

Mustapha Louznadji

Oran, Algeria

July 2013

Readers Comments

What a grand article!! It captures everything about the experience that is sometimes so very hard to put in words. Thank you for sharing with me both the article and the experience.

  Kathy Bosiak
Science Department Chair
Lincoln High School,
North Carolina.

An inspiring article by a great man of education. Mr Mustapha is one in a million. His patience and enthusiasm is limitless. At moments when we felt tired or burdened with tasks, he just came up with pertinent insightful ideas to keep us on truck. I feel so honored to have kept this great guy company in Doha, Qatar. Si Mustapha was born to lead, to alleviate pain and to give a push when needed. 
Once again thanks a bunch for your great article,
  Abdeljallal El Hariri
Ibn Majah High School
Agadir, Morocco

Dear sir, I feel the most privileged teacher, as I attended such an amazing conference and jointly gave a presentation with you.

Of course I cannot forget such a wonderful experience , I can’t forget the first iEARNer we met in the shuttle bus, uncle Hassan, who became the closest person to you. Then Chaima and Ahmed new sister and brother our roommates, and on the first day of the workshop we met Jennifer face to face for the first time after 8 months of online collaboration. Needless to talk about every single participant in CSYN workshop, we had enough time to talk during the workshop sessions, coffee break, lunch, in the shuttle bus and during dinner. Really amazing.

Dear sir, my memory recalls every detail you have mentioned in the article about our global family but words are poor to express themselves. Yet I wish to congratulate you for the outstanding achievements you always shared with us both inside and outside our beloved country.

I would add that I am proud to have lived with you the most memorable moment during the closing ceremony on July 5th, I had tears while raising the flag after Mr.Essa’s announcement while looking for the Algerian delegation among the audience of more than 700 participants from around the world. I can’t forget receiving congratulations from teachers of different nationalities.

Dear sir, last but not least:

I still remember the first day I met you in April 1994, when you were a teacher and I was still a student, as the president of teachers association, you rewarded me a book and a pen for my success in the English competition, so moved I decided to become a teacher of English though I was studying Mathematics.

I still remember the first time I gave a presentation of ICT use while teaching fairy tales in your first TPD course in November 2005.

I still remember the first time we launched [email protected] website in January 2008.

I still remember the day you talked to me about iEARN and encouraged me to apply for its annual conference in Morrocco in 2009.

I still remember the Teachers Project I achived with my team thanks to your support in 2010.

I still remember very year we celebrate [email protected] anniversary on January 22nd.

I will never forget the day you announced the birth of [email protected] under the umbrella of [email protected] in partnership with iEARN. “January 22nd, 2013”.

Without your commitment, support and guidance, I would never be able to make it and attend the conference.

As Abdeljallal said “You always come with pertinent and insightful ideas”” whenever we feel like giving up.

Indeed you were not a new member in iEARN, simply because you were nominated a Hero Teacher in July 2009. 

So congratulations for the amazing experience that we will never forget.

Respectfully yours,


Teacher of English

Hammou Boutlelis High School,

Oran, Algeria.

Dear IEarners , Dear Sir, 

     Thank you for sharing  that  experience with us  . It seems like watching a nice  movie .  When reading your article I felt proud of you because I know  that in Doha you were proud of us .The same feeling when you were congratulated in Algiers in 2009  for   "The Examiner's Guide". Once again thank you because you brought  us as teachers and students to the world  through  our  works , projects  and our coordinator Miss. Kheira  Mezough  after ups and downs which were  fruitful  .      
Thank you 

Mrs.Lakel Louiza
Colonel Lotfi High School
Oran, Algeria
What an amazing article. No doubt it thrilled all your readers, and my heartiest thanks for sharing with us your pearly memories. Sure merging different nationalities in iEARN International conference held in  Qatar, made all of it a unique experience. I hope you would keep in touch with all the staff as well as the people you met there. Just to tell you something about the photos, they reflect the grandeur of the conference, of all the participants themselves.  
                                                                        my best wishes
 Leila Baroud
Inspector of Middle Education
East of Algiers
Greetings from Philadelphia

 I was very impressed with your presentation.  I loved the blend of technology, collaboration, and teacher training.... most effective!  I think the experiment that the two of you reported was BRILLIANT!  I would actually like to try something along those lines with my own colleagues in Doha and perhaps reach out to more teachers in the area.

Lydia Kuniholm
Instructor (ESL English Dept)
Community College of Qatar
Doha, Qatar
My favorite presentation at iEARN was by iEARN @lgeria on their TPP "Teachers Project Pedagogy" system of active research by teachers. By engaging in active project-based learning themselves, the teachers know better how to teach through projects. 
Thank you Mr Mustapha and Ms. Kheira Mezough
Rebecca McLain Hodges
Associate Adjunct Professor &Teaching Assistant,
& Ph.D Student in Cultural Anthropology 
 Washington University in St. Louis
After reading the article, I was so enchanted that I couldn't find the right words to express my admiration and pride.
 Hats off to you!
Dear sir
How moved and happy I was while reading your article about your participation in Doha conference, you described it so well that I simply felt I was there
Any way, I believe  the Algerian teachers community is proud of being represented by you. I also believe that living such experience with educators from different parts of the planet is something challenging and  inspiring. 
Thank you so much of sharing this wonderful adventure.
Nacera Sahraoui
Teacher of English,
Hammou Boutlelis High School
Oran, Algeria.
Dearest Mustapha,
Thank you for sharing your memories with us, your narratives are a delight to read.  I will fondly remember our group work on global peace, wonderful conversations on education and sharing about our families.  Your warmth, patience, intelligence and integrity are admirable.  The TPP presentation has inspired me to create a global competency cohort at the high school I work in, that will dedicate a year to studying the integration of PBL and 21st century skills into the classroom.  I plan on using your TPP model, so expect some emails asking for help!  Thank you again for the beautiful pottery lion, it has a happy home in Missouri, USA.
Katherine Korte
Pattonville High School
Maryland Heights, USA
Dear Mustapha,
Thank you for being a credit to the profession and for sharing your experience with one and all.
All the best,
Much love

 Kemal E. S. Bereksi
Oran, Algeria

I cannot remain silent when reading such encouraging and motivating comments. I want to express my gratitude to all those who really made my day. Mrs Lakel and Mrs Sahraoui, members of iEARN-Algeria, have demonstrated their pride, Mr Baghoussi has been so short, but his admiration is sufficient to light the flame of gratitude within me. I truly appreciate the story of cooperation and continuous professional development (CPD) of Miss Kheira Mezough, the country-coordinator.

I am thankful to Abdeljallal for his consideration and thoughtfulness, to Kathy for her generous heart and kindness, to Lydia and Rebecca for being appreciative and supportive, to Leila for being positive and sensitive to the article and to Kate for her reassurance and eagerness to try out the TPP model in her school.

Thank you all for brightening my world of writing. Your comments challenge me and expand my mind. Your words combined are extremely rare!

Let me just say, thanks a million.

Mustapha Louznadji
Dearest Mr. Mustapha,
it has been a pleasure meeting such an inspiring person, I still remember your calm and peaceful voice tune, and your parental advice and care.
I would Thank you for sharing your delightful memories with us, I of course  remember our group work on global peace, our conversations on education.
Dear, when our friend Kathrine Korte sent us an E-mail asking for partners in the next semester learning circle, I contacted her to confirm my team participation and I hope that we all work together for global peace education.
thank you again for your kind words.
Best Regards from the cradle of alphabet, Lattakia.
Hiba Kheirbeik

Let me tell you that I have nothing to say about your participation in the 20th annual iEARN international conference except "BRAVO, BRAVO & BRAVO". You desesrve all these achievements because you've always been " serious  and hardworker". May God help you to achieve more and more success. 
Best regards.

Mrs.Amina Brahimi
Oran, Algeria
 And I feel priviledged to have met you and learned about Algeria and all the nice ideas you are developing there.
Claudia Batista
 One of my most memorable times was this summer in Qatar at the iEARN conference and Youth Summit where I met Mustapha Louznadji. His daily pearls of wisdom were so inspiring. He shared his culture and in his gentle and thought provoking ways, made me think about the world in a new light. He challenged me to question myself and grow!! He is a role model and inspiration.

Kathy Bosiak
What a great article!!!
      Congratulations sir for the wonderful experience you went through in Quatar at the iEARN Conference with the country coordinator Miss Mezough.
      Thank you for sharing with us such beautiful memories and emotions. It really seems to be magic! 
     I personally feel so honored to be a member of iEARN Algeria and to be represented in Quatar by you " a great man of education" as we all believe you are. It's a great pleasure to work with you and learn from you may God bless you.
     Thank you for all what you are offering to educators and education in Algeria.       
Good luck for further success, we are all proud of you...
Mrs Belbachir Douniazed.
Teacher of English at Gdyel High School.
Oran, Algeria.
Dear iearners,dear Sir,dear kheira,
        You cannot imagine my happiness and joy when I read the article.As I have always said,Mr. Louznadji always finds the right words to say what he has to say.I am really proud of   you .Algeria and iearnalgeria have been well represented by both of you.I was also deeply moved when you said that 700 participants applauded the anniversary of our independence day.Special thanks to both of you, to Mr Essa Mannai and to all the 700 participants.                                                                
Dear Mustapha,
     Congratulations for your outstanding achievements inside and outside the country, for your participation in the annual iEARN international conference in Doha .
Mustapha Louznadji, you are really a ROLE MODEL AND INSPIRATION as one educator said. A “Shout of Bravo!” to you and to Ms. Mezough.
  Best Wishes .
Chikh Boudellal

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